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How ERI SEE works | ERI SEE

How ERI SEE works

The ERI SEE institutional structure consists of the ERI SEE Governing Board, a Consultative Body and the ERI SEE Secretariat ( Agency ). The Governing Board consists of one representative from each signatory party of the Brdo MoU, one representative of the RCC, one representative of the TFBHC as well as one representative of donor countries and institutions respectively contributing a minimum amount as stipulated in Annex 1 of the Brdo MoU.

The members of the Governing Board meet twice a year and are responsible for developing the general policy of the Initiative, it's overall strategies and for adopting the ERI SEE work programmes and reports. The Governing Board is supported by the ERI SEE Consultative Body, a body with an advisory role where the partner institutions of ERI SEE hold a seat, as well as the donors of the Initiative.

Until the second half of 2010, the ERI SEE Agency was located in Zagreb and was responsible for implementation of the work programmes which are result of decisions taken by the Governing Board in cooperation with the Consultative Body, upon proposals made by both, the Governing Board members and the Executive Director of the Agency. Currently, the Centre for Education Policy (CEP) is the institution that will host ERI SEE Agency in the interim period, prior to the opening of the new ERI SEE Secretariat in Belgrade, Serbia.

The work programmes are implemented thrue instruments alike Workshops, thematic seminars and trainings, study visits and twinning of institutions.



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