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ERI SEE Agency

ERI SEE Agency (2004-2010)

In June 2004, on the occasion of the 8th Conference of European Ministers of Education in Oslo Ministers/heads of delegations from eligible Ministries of South Eastern Europe selected the Republic of Croatia to host the ERI SEE secretariat. The work of the Secretariat was institutionalised in a Governmental Agency. Following the decision in Oslo , upon proposal of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted a Decree on Establishing the Agency for Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE) (Official Gazette, No. 12/05).

The Agency was opened in November 2006. It is located in the Centre for Technology Transfer of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineer ing and Ship Building of the University in Zagreb.

The ERI SEE Agency is responsible for implementation of the work programs which are result of decisions taken by representatives of the signatory Ministries in the Governing Board in cooperation with the Consultative Body , upon proposals made by both the Governing Board members and the Executive Director of the Agency. The work plans are implemented through instruments like workshops, thematic seminars and training, study visits and twinning of institutions, also with the aim of creating and widening political and expert networks.

Legal status, activities and bodies of the Agency (Governing Board, Consultative Body and Executive Director), its internal organisation and financing as well as its acts are regulated in the Statute of the Agency.

ERI SEE Interim Agency

Following the closure of the ERI SEE Agency in Zagreb in 2010, the ERI SEE Governing Board has accepted proposal of the Government of Serbia to become the next host country of the ERI SEE Secretariat and to designate the Centre for Education Policy (CEP) as the institution that will host ERI SEE Agency in the interim period, prior to the opening of the new ERI SEE Secretariat in Serbia.

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