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The “knowledge triangle”: education, research and innovation | ERI SEE

The “knowledge triangle”: education, research and innovation

Key policy documents on the Innovation policy

Key policy documents related to the 10 priority actions of the Commmunication ‘Putting knowledge into practice: A broad-based innovation strategy for the EU‘

Action 1: Education systems

  1. Focus on Higher Education in Europe 2010: The Impact of the Bologna Process
  2. Higher Education in Europe 2009: Developments in the Bologna Process
  3. Communication from the Commission: E-skills for the 21st Century: Fostering Competitiveness, Growth and Jobs (COM(2007) 496)
  4. Communication from the Commission on ‘Delivering on the Modernisation Agenda for Universities: Education, Research, Innovation’ (COM(2006)0208)

Action 2: European Institute of Technology (EIT)

  1. European Institute of Technology (EIT)
  2. EIT Brochure
  3. EIT Factsheet
  4. Rolling Triennial Work Programme 2010-2012 
  5. EIT-Rolling Triennial Work Programme 2011-2013
  6. EIT-Rolling Triennial Work Programme 2012-2014
  7. EIT-Activities and achievements 2009
  8. EIT-Activities and achievements 2010
  9. EIT-Annual Work Programme 2012
  10. External evaluation of the EIT 2011
  11. Annual Report 2008

EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC)

The Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) met on 16 December in Budapest to designate the first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).  In view of its long-term development perspective, the EIT will follow a gradual approach in establishing the KICs. In a first phase, two or three KICs will be established. Subsequent partnerships will  follow later, after the adoption of the first Strategic Innovation Agenda.

The first three KICs will address themes within the following fields:

  1. Sustainable energy (KIC InnoEnergy)
  2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation (Climate-KIC)
  3. Future information and communication society (EIT ICT Labs)

Framework documents on establishing the EIT

EIT first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)

  1. Summary Climate KIC
  2. Summary KIC InnoEnergy
  3. Summary EIT ICT labs

Action 3: Labour market for researchers

  1. EC-Better careers and more mobility - a European partnership for researchers (May 2008)
  2. EC-Better careers and more mobility - A European partnership for researchers 2 (May 2008)
  3. EC-Realising a single labour market for researchers (2008)
  4. EC-European Research Area Board (ERAB) (December 2007)
  5. EC-Researchers in the European Research Area-One profession, multiple careers (July 2003)
  6. Green paper on ‘The European Research Area: New Perspectives’ (COM(2007)161).

Action 4: Knowledge transfer between universities and public research organisations and industry

  1. Communication from the Commission on ‘Improving knowledge transfer between research institutions and industry across Europe: embracing open innovation’ (COM(2007)182)
  2. Setting up of a new network for business support services
  3. EC-A new partnership for the modernisation of universities- the EU Forum for University Business Dialogue ( April 2009)
  4. EC- Management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities ( April 2008)

Action 5: Cohesion policy

  1. The Council Decision of 06.10.2006 on Community Strategic Guidelines on Cohesion.
  2. EC-Towards Joint Programming in Research- Working together to tackle common challenges more effectively (July 2008)

The EU’s cohesion policy will be mobilised in support of regional innovation. The Communication from the Commission ‘More research and innovation’ (COM(2005)488) gives guidelines to this end.

Action 6: State aid

  1. New Community Framework for State aid for Research and Development and innovation.
  2. Communication from the Commission ‘Towards a more effective use of tax incentives in favour of R & D’ (COM(2006)728).
  3. EC-EU Rules Applicable to State Aid (November 2011)
  4. EC-Commission notice on the enforcement of State aid law by national courts (2009)
  5. EUROCITIES Response to the State Aid Action Plan 2005

Action 7: Patent strategy IPR strategy

  1. EC-A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights (May 2011)
  2. Communication from the Commission ‘Enhancing the patent system in Europe’ (COM(2007)165)
  3. Expert group report: A Memorandum on Removing Barriers for a Better Use of IPR by SMEs
  4. IPR Awareness and Enforcement project (Action ENT5/CIP/07/B/N02C00) (renewal of the IPR Helpdesk ).
  5. China IPR SME Helpdesk (ACTION ENT3/IMA N.R./6.1.1)

A Communication on an IPR strategy will be adopted in 2008.

Action 8: Digital products, services and business models

The Commission is monitoring the impact of its legal framework on digital products, services and business models: e-Business W@tch

Action 9: Lead markets

  1. EC-Final evaluation of the Lead Market initiative (July 2011)
  2. 2009 Mid-term review of the implementation of the Lead Market Initiative
  3. Communication from the Commission “A lead market initiative for Europe”

It is to note that the European Technology Platforms and the Europe INNOVA Innovation Panels contribute to encouraging the development of new products and services that the lead market initiative aims at supplementing.

Action 10: Procurement

  1. EC-Progress report on the Broad-based Innovation Strategy(February 2009)
  2. Guide on dealing with innovative solutions in public procurement.





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