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European Qualification Framework

European Qualifications' Framework – National qualification frameworks in SEE countries

The EHEA Framework was adopted by Ministers of the Bologna Process in May 2005. It covers higher education qualifications and is valid for all 46 members of the European Higher Education Area, whether these are members of the European Union or not. It provides the framework within which the national qualifications frameworks in these 46 countries will be developed as far as their higher education qualifications are concerned, and it represents the “face” of European higher education qualifications towards the rest of the world.

The European Qualification Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF) was formally adopted by the European Union in April 2008. It covers all levels of education and is valid for EU countries, EU accession countries and countries of the European Economic Area.

It is important to underline that while the wording of the EQF is not identical to that of the EHEA Framework, there are no major differences between the two, and that it is perfectly possible to develop national qualifications framework that are compatible with the EQF as well as with the EHEA Framework. This was recognized by Ministers in the London Communiqué (2007):

“We are satisfied that national qualifications frameworks compatible with the overarching Framework for Qualifications of the EHEA will also be compatible with the proposal from the European Commission on a European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning.
We see the overarching Framework for Qualifications of the EHEA, which we agreed in Bergen, as a central element of the promotion of European higher education in a global context.”


EHEA Framework

EHEA Framework and Self-certification Process

Self-certification reports submitted to the Bologna Secretariat and/or the Council of Europe

  1. Denmark, November 2009
  2. The Netherlands, February 2009 
  3. Belgium/Flemish Community, February 2009
  4. Germany, January 2009
  5. England, Wales and Northern Ireland, February 2009
  6. Scotland, December 2006
  7. Ireland, November 2006

Examples of National Qualification Frameworks

  1. Austria (in German)
  2. Belgium/Flemmish Community
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Ireland
  6. Netherlands
  7. Romania
  8. Switzerland
  9. United Kingdom

National Qualification Frameworks outside the EHEA

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Malaysia
  4. New Zealand
  5. South Africa



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