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Joint seminar of the Cluster of Knowledge on Vocational Education and Training and South East Europe Regional VET Network (SEEVET-Net) | ERI SEE

Joint seminar of the Cluster of Knowledge on Vocational Education and Training and South East Europe Regional VET Network (SEEVET-Net)

17. November 2014 - 18. November 2014
Tirana, Albania

Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE) has identified the development of mutual policy learning practices through enhanced institutional cooperation in Vocational Education and Training in South East Europe as one of its core objectives and has supported the establishment and work of the South East Europe Regional VET Network (SEEVET-Net) in the past five years.

SEEVET-Net was established through signing of Cooperation Agreement between VET Centres in South East Europe. The SEEVET-Net was formed in order to foster a greater relationship between SEE VET institutions and to promote regional co-operation of the National VET institutions acting in the SEECP region. The overall SEEVET – Net objective is to support implementation of policies in the VET sector contributing to human capital development in a lifelong learning perspective, through policy learning in the context of the objectives related to the EU accession and the “Education and Training 2020” and follow-ups.

Since 2011, ERI SEE has also supported the work of the Cluster of Knowledge on VET: Modernising VET system – improving performance, quality and attractiveness of VET (CoK on VET) led by Romania. CoK on VET aims to support the regional cooperation in VET in accordance with the diversified needs of the countries for mutual learning, regional exchange of experience and good practice and for encompassing the specific phases of national reforms in VET.

In the future, the work of the CoK on VET and the SEEVET – Net should achieve more synergies and in order to ensure synergies between these two initiatives, the Joint seminar of the CoK on VET and the SEEVET – Net will take place on 17-18 November, in Tirana, Albania. The event will be organised by the ERI SEE interim Secretariat with the support of the Romanian National Centre for TVET Development and KulturKontakt Austria and hosted by the Albanian National Agency of Vocational Education and Training & Qualifications. 

The thematic focus of the joint seminar will be Work Based Learning – a theme that has been identified as a priority by both initiatives (at the SEEVET-Net annual meeting, July 2013, Belgrade and the CoK on VET workshop, June 2013, Bucharest). 

Also, the South East Europe 2020 Strategy (developed by the Regional Cooperation Council in consultations with governments from SEE) within its Education and Competences component (coordinated by ERI SEE), recognizes the increased use of work-based learning as a key strategy action in order to ensure education and training systems better meet economic and labour market needs (and provide learners with labour market relevant skills).

Follow on conclusions from the CoK on VET Regional Workshop “Work Based Learning – Success Factors and Challenges for the Various Forms of WBL” held in December 2013, in Vienna and in order to avoid overlaps between these two regional initiatives in VET the focus of the event will be on Joint ownership of schools and companies/Raising awareness of the advantages of Work Based Learning.




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